Lists are an important feature for organizing information on a web page. For a web page to be accessible, any content that is visually presented as a list must also be marked up as a list in the source code.

In the Drupal text editor, content creators have the choice between ordered (numbered) and unordered (bulleted) lists. When creating a list, either select one of two list buttons and begin typing the list items, or highlight existing text and then select the list button to turn it into a list. Press the Enter key to go to the next list item, and press Tab to start a sub-list or nested list.

/! Strong Recomendation: The AODA Team strongly suggests that items that appear to be in a list on the page are also placed in a list in the code. Example: A list of links under a heading can be placed in a list. Avoid just making dots that look like a list (such as asterisk, dash etc.).

Nesting Lists

If you have a main list that requires a nested sub-list, you can use the same list formatting commands you would use in MS Word. To start a nested list, press Enter from the main list item, then press Tab. Once the nested sub-list is complete and you need to return to the main list, press Enter twice.

To create a list that uses both numbered points and bullet points, start with a nested list like the one pictured above. Then, highlight the list items you would like to convert to numbered points or bullet points, and then select the appropriate list button.

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