Categorizing and Displaying Profiles

Some departments choose to display their staff profiles by the team they (belong) to, doing this with our Drupal platform will give you the following view. These instructions will guide you through the process of categorizing the profiles on your site by the teams they work in.

Adding Profile Categories (e.g web & development solutions)

  1. Add profile category terms using the steps in How to Add Vocabulary Terms

Adding the Terms to a Custom Menu Block on the Right Side of the Page

  1. Using the administration bar, navigate to structure > menus

  2. Enter a menu title e.g. Faculty and Staff Directory

  3. Click, save

    • Enter a "title" e.g. a section name (Deans office)

    • Enter the term Id you copied from step 2 in the following format people/# into the “path” field. Where # is the Id number

Adding the People page

  1. Enter a menu link title e.g. Staff & Faculty

  2. Enter "people" into the “path” field

Adding the Custom Menu as A block on profiles page

  1. Navigate to structure > blocks

  2. Enter a title you would like as the “Block title” and “administrative title” e.g. Faculty and Staff Directory

  3. Select the menu title you created under the “menu” drop down

  4. Select “starting level” as 1st level (Primary)

  5. Within the region setting select secondary in the drop down

  6. Select “Only the listed pages” radio button

  7. In the text area enter the following paths

    • people

    • people/*

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