Customizing Content Layout

Adding view panes

  1. In order to customize the way a page appears, select the Customize this page option that appears at the bottom of your screen. Please note: Only Site Managers have access to this option.

  2. There are several content options listed that can be added to the page:

    1. Menus - includes any menus that you created or are present by default.

    2. Mini Panels - includes footer and other mini panels created by you.

    3. View Panes - includes the different formats the content types can appear in. The most commonly used are the Teaser Lists.

Configure a view pane

Each view pane permits content creators to configure the view panes in many ways:

Override the title:

  1. If you would like to add a title to your view pane, select Override Title.

  2. Select Finish.

  3. Select the Settings option on the view pane and then type in your customized title.

  4. Then, Select Finish again.

Adding a "More" Button:

  1. Select the Provide a "more" link option.

  2. Type in some descriptive "more" text that indicates where the link is going (ex. More Features).

  3. Select Finish.

Categorizing view panes:

Taxonomy is used to categorize content so it is visible in desired locations. If you would like to categorize your view pane by using taxonomy:

  1. Ensure the content type has a category.

  2. Note down the term number that the category is associated with. The term number is located in the url on your screen (ex. https://.../term/109/...).

  3. Add the term number to the Category space, when configuring your view pane.

  4. Select Finish.

Always save the page when you are done customizing.

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