Social Media Account

The social media feature permits Content Creators to add social media links to their website and display them on any page. Site visitors can click on the social media icon and be directed to the associated web page.

Drupal also allows live social media feeds to be shown on your webiste.

For a list of all social media accounts attached to a website, add /connect to the end of the homepage URL (Eg.

First, add a social media account:

To Add a Social Media Account:

  1. From the Administration bar, navigate to Add Content > Social Media Account.

  2. Enter a Title.

  3. If you have an Account Category defined, select the appropriate one.

  4. Select the social media network from the drop down list.

  5. Enter your Account URL - Usually found by going to your social media homepage and copying the URL.

  6. Enter any tags or keywords that may assist in categorizing and organizing your social media.

  7. Select Save when you are done.

Next, add the view pane to display social media icons:

To Display Social Media Icons:

  1. Go back to the Home page and select Customize this page at the bottom of the Web Page.

  2. Choose any of the location areas to place your social media links (i.e. top, middle column, right side, etc) and select +.

  3. Click on View Panes and select either S3 or S4 views depending on your needs.

  4. Select Continue.

  5. Select Finish.

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