People Profiles

The people profiles feature allows Content Creators to create and edit an organizational profile. Anonymous users can browse through these profiles in a listing page view and find more detail about a specific member of an organization by clicking on that member's name.

Using Taxonomy for People Profiles

Before creating a profile, it is suggested that the following taxonomy vocabularies are filled with terms. Otherwise, most of the people profile features will be unusable.

Add terms to the following:

  1. Area of research: If applicable, you can describe the different areas of research for your department/users. This is optional. Example: Molecular Interactions of Di-hydrogen Monoxide.

  2. Profile category: This is a way to filter views. Example: create a teaser view for specific departments within a college.

  3. Profile field labels: This is for adding extra field headings that are not already supported by the platform. Examples: Interests, Office Extension, Favorite Color, etc.

  4. Profile section labels: Profile sections are used to separate and organize parts of the people profile. Examples: Research, Education, Selected Publications, etc.

  5. Profile role: Clients can create any number of positions/roles for their needs. Examples: Staff, Faculty, Students, Co-op, etc.

  6. Profile unit: This describes the title of the department or faculty an individual is a part of.

  7. Profile sub unit: This is the sub-unit of a department. Example: Web Business Solutions is a sub-unit of CCS.

How to Add Vocabulary Terms

  1. Using the administration bar, navigate to Structure > Taxonomy.

  2. You will see a long list of vocabularies. Seven of these vocabularies (listed above) are related to people profiles. Select list terms for the vocabulary you would like to add terms to.

  3. From the vocabulary (list of terms) page, select Add term.

  4. Enter a name for the term. Enter a description if needed.

  5. Select Save.

Taxonomy: Profile Field Labels

This vocabulary allows you to add custom fields to your people profiles. Add terms to this vocabulary to determine the field labels. For instance, if the field were to show "Interests: Sports", then "Interests" would be a term in the profile field labels category.

After custom fields are created through taxonomy, they can be added through the "PROFILE FIELDS" section that appears when creating or editing a profile. The Label drop-down menu is populated with the terms from the vocabulary above. Fields will appear in the same order as they are entered, but can be reordered by dragging. Custom fields will always appear after preset fields (i.e. Email, Phone Number, Fax, Office, and Lab).

Do not confuse this vocabulary with profile section labels vocabulary, which is used for adding larger sections that use the Drupal text editor.

How to Add People Profiles

  1. On the Administration bar, navigate to Add Content > Profile.

  2. Begin filling out the profile, starting with adding a Preferred name and Last name.

  3. Many of the fields in the profile are optional, but it is recommended to add at least a name, role, and contact information.

  4. Add any related File or Image Attachments. Remember to select Upload after choosing your file.

  5. If the member also has a Website Link then include a title and URL.

  6. In order to add Profile Sections, select a value under Heading and enter any Content needed. Keep in mind that by clicking Add another item, you can add as many Profile Sections as you like.

  7. Enter any tags or keywords that help categorize and organize your people profiles.

  8. Select Save when you are done.

NEW: Tabbed layouts for People Profiles

If you used Profile Sections as per Step 6 above, all the values you filled in for Heading and Content will automatically be output in tabbed format as shown in the screenshot below:

Any content entered in the Summary and Body fields will remain as-is. If you have an existing profile where all the content and headings (e.g. Research, Awards, Publications, etc) were entered in the Body field, consider using Profile Sections instead if you'd like to get the new tabbed layout (available as of Release v27.2)

Customizing People Profiles Listing Page

You have the ability to change the size and alignment of the pictures on the people profile listing page, which is visible to site users. Follow these steps to customize your listing page:

  1. Navigate to, or navigate to your people profiles page via your site menu.

  2. Select Customize this page at the bottom of the screen.

  3. You will see the PP1 view pane in the Left section, similar to this image:

  4. To change either the size or alignment of the images, first, delete the PP1 viewpane by selecting the trash can button. This will not delete your people profiles.

  5. Under the Left section, select + (plus sign). The "Add Content" window will open.

  6. In the side menu, select View panes. From the list of view panes, select View: PP6 Custom Listing.

  7. When the "Configure new View: PP6 Custom Listing" opens, check ONE of Content: Image (Small Image) or Content: Image (Large Image).

  8. Check Content: Align names if desired. This will ensure that on the listing page, names with no image are aligned with other names, for a neater presentation.

  9. Select Finish.

  10. When the configuration window closes, make sure to select Save at the bottom of the screen.

  11. If you need to reconfigure the settings for the PP6 view pane, simply select the cog button at the top of the view pane.

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