Mini Panel

Mini panels are portable panels with 2 or 3 columns that display many types of content (custom content, view panes, menus, etc.) Once a mini panel is built it can then be placed as a block in any region of your site.

Creating a mini panel

  1. Click on Structure in the Administration menu bar and select Mini panels

  2. Click + Add

  3. Under Administrative title, enter a unique name for your mini panel. Click Continue.

  4. Click Continue again (to skip the Context menu) and then select Two Columns Stacked and click Continue.

  5. Select Two Columns Stacked or Three Columns Stacked depending on how many columns you need. Click Continue.

  6. You can enter a title if you like, unless select the No title option under Title type.

  7. Select New custom content

  8. The WYSIWYG editor will open. Add a title and add content to the body section

  9. Click Finish

  10. Repeat steps 9 – 12 for all other sections you would like to add content to

    • Select Change under Style. In the menu that pops up, select Bootstrap. Select Next.

    • Change Column Type to Small & medium devices. Change Column sizes (They must add up to 12). Set Offset size to none. Click Save.

  11. Click Save.

/! Note: Please note that this mini panel will not appear anywhere on your site until it’s activated under Blocks or added to a page.

Configure Mini Panels to appear on a page or homepage

  1. Click the Home button in the Administration menu bar.

  2. Once on the home page, click Customize this page (found at bottom of your screen).

  3. Under the Top or Bottom section, click + and select Mini panel.

  4. Under Mini panel, select the title of the mini panel you created. Click Finish.

  5. Click Save at the bottom of the screen.

/! Note: Please note that if you use this method to add mini panels to a page it will show up on all your pages. If you add it the homepage it will show up on only the homepage.

Activating Mini Panels under blocks

  1. Click on Structure in the Administration menu bar and select Blocks.

  2. Scroll down under the Disabled section of the list and look for your mini panel title it should be in the format: **Mini panel:

    “Mini panel name”**.

  3. Click configure.

  4. In the Region Settings section select Content from the drop-down list.

  5. At the bottom of the page select the radio button option for only the listed pages

  6. Enter the node number(s) of the page you would like the mini panel to appear on. With the format: node/number

    (node number can be found in the URL of the edit page section)

  1. Click Save block.

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