UG Drupal Content Types

The current content types provided by the current Drupal platform are:

What are content types?

The expression "content types" is used to describe basic types of content that you will find on every Drupal site. Basic examples of content types used by every site are Page, News, and Events. Organising nodes into different content types allows Drupal to automatically know what type of information the node requires and what special fields are associated with that content type. Content types allow content creators to easily add and organise similar types of content.

Why are there specific content types?

CCS Web & Development solutions has customised and tested the current content types. The customization and testing of the content types was to ensure accessibility and standardization across the UG Drupal platform. The content types that are currently availiable are constantly undergoing accessibility testing, and they help to ensure that university sites follow a similar platform. Through a uniform platform, navigation between university and college websites is made simpler and easy for the user. If you happen to find any issues with current content types, please contact CCS so we are aware of the issue. For more information and a record of our current known platform issues, please check out our github issues..

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