Accessible Video

The Accessible Video feature allows content creators to add accessible videos to the website and display them in a Listing Page view and Featured Video Teaser List view.

What is Required for Accessible Video?

  1. Video must be uploaded to YouTube

  2. Must have access to the accessible video content type (access can be requested through submitting a ticket to ccs and you will be notified once it is available)

  3. OPTIONAL: Video Transcript file (VTT File Format). File must be less than 128 MB.

  4. OPTIONAL: Description file. Use if you have a separate VTT file with descriptions for visually impaired users.

How to Add Accessible Video

  1. The video must be uploaded to YouTube

  2. From the top administration menu bar, navigate to Add content, then select Accessible Video

  1. Enter a Title

  2. Enter the Video ID. This is the 11-character alphanumeric portion that comes after

  3. Upload your VTT transcript file under Transcript file

    • If you have a separate VTT file with descriptions for visually impaired users, upload this file under Description file

  4. In the Body Field, enter information about the video.

  1. If you have the proper authority to publish, select published in "Publishing options"

  2. Select Save

You have now added an Accessible Video to your site.

Adding Accessible Video View Pane to Homepage

Adding the Featured Video view pane to a homepage follows the same process as adding an event or news view pane. You can filter by category and customize how many videos show in the list.

The view pane is called: View: V1 - Listing page for multiple videos: Video teaser list

See Customizing Content Layout for more information on how to add view panes.

How to View a Public List of Videos on your Site

For a public list of your videos, go to You will have the ability to filter these video by category - similar to views for news and events.

To do this, you would first need to create terms in the Video taxonomy category and select the category when you create a video.

Embedding a Video Within a Custom Block or Content Type

To embed a video within a custom block or content type such as a basic page or event, you can use the embed code that is automatically generated by the UG Video feauture. The embed code will appear beneath a video once you've created it.

Or, you can view the embed code for each video on your site at the following link:

Note: You will only be able to view the embed code if you are logged in and have editing privileges.

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